This place is amazing. I crashed my car and went to Nu-look. When I got my car back I had some small issues with my car. Nu-look wanted me to bring it to the dealer to see if they could look into these issues a little bit more. I had heavy front end damage to the car. When I went Henderson Ford the staff helped me though everything! They even worked hand in hand with Nu-look to make my car 100%  right. I will be going back there! Kyle R.
 New dealership for me. Friendly atmosphere. Workers are very helpful. Good experience so far! George M. 
 I just bought my car today ... They are so nice and helpful..from now on I'm purchasing my vehicles through them.. I was in and out the same day... no hassle no fuss.. Straight to the point .. I'm so happy Right Now .. Thank you Henderson Ford Your Awesome...Made my Day. LaKesha M.

I apologize for the length of this review, but Henderson Ford earned it. I'm a Ford girl as I learned how to drive in a 1930 Model A Ford. Note: I was born WAY after 1930. My dad collected and restored Model A's. They were so well built that he said I would not be able to hurt it while I was learning. He was right! Before I get into the details of my visit, I'm not a fan of leasing vehicles. However, I could not pass up the deal that Henderson proposed to me to lease a 2018 Ecosport. With my son going to college in the fall, purchasing a new car is not in the budget. I have to say that even if I didn't have that RIT bill in the near future, the lease made so much sense. On top of that, I got an Ecosport Titanium (small SUV) that I picked up yesterday. Today (second day with the car) I am already preparing to buying it when the lease is up in three years. I cannot go without saying how much I enjoyed the experience of buying at Henderson. The energy, teamwork, and atmosphere is fun, yet professional. Honestly, just stop in on any random day and I can't imagine you won't feel the same. For example, the salesman I was working with was taking the plates off of my car while I was talking to my insurance company, who had questions that I couldn't answer. So, I turned to the nearest employee, Tracy, who welcomed me as I approached him with a random question. Dennis, who was my salesman and recommended the Ecosport was very full of life and fun, but also so professional and made me feel like I was the most important customer that he ever had. He knew my vehicle needs and he nailed it with the Ecosport Titanium. When it came to the paperwork and payment, Rod was also very professional; but he also showed how much he appreciated my business. I even told him that I felt like I was stealing the car with the deal I got. He told me that I wouldn't be sitting there if it wasn't meant to be. Without boring you with those details, he was right! That brings me to the other person that was instrumental in the process, which was Mark (sales manager). I feel that he was a team player with Dennis, and put in the extra effort to be sure I received every break/rebate that I was qualified to receive. I have been to places that the manager is hidden and giving the salesperson the information to tell the customer. At Henderson, the managers sit where they are in the showroom and available to customers and their sales team. The other thing that I need to mention is I have worked for another Ford dealership and it was a train wreck compared to my experience at Henderson Ford. Honestly, it was the best car buying experience that I have ever had. Jill T.


Everything went well. The salesperson helped my find a vehicle that for my budget very quickly and helped me through the process since I was a first time buyer. He also gave me his personal line so o could reach him if I had any questions throughout the process.  Andrew B.


Great experience! I was in a very bad car accident prior and needed to get a new vehicle quickly. Henderson Ford worked with us and got us in a perfect SUV!  Corinna L.


It was a great experience buying a car from Henderson Ford ,there was great communication, it is in my my community just an all around great experience .Thanks Henderson Ford.  Gary P.


The sales person was very friendly and thorough. After the purchase, they reviewed the vehicle features and forwarded additional information with videos so that I can review later.  Cheryl S.

 I enjoyed my experience at Henderson I truly wish anyone that purchases a vehicle from them receives the same experience I received. They were great! Thank you Tracy Thompson And Mr.Smith for your professional service.  Rita W.

Henderson takes a team approach to assuring the customer's 100% satisfaction. There are things to know about the vehicle itself, and maintenance. There are things to know about Financing, there are things to know about Ford Incentive Programs. Be informed about all of these things and ask the questions when you visit the showroom. If they don't know, they will find out. Customer service is alive and well at Henderson. Julie D.

 Awesome as always.  Krystal H
 Awesome atmosphere in this dealership! Excellent customer service!  Cameron B.
Henderson Ford's service associates are always courteous and very knowledgeable about any issues or repairs needed. The Quick Lane is fast and easy!  Diane S.
   The best Ford dealer from Rochester NY. Gebre G.
  I went for an oil change and, as usual, was treated very well. I was taken care of in a good amount of time. Eva B.
 Wonderful place to buy or get your vehicle serviced. The people at Henderson Ford are pleasant and knowledgeable. The service department is amazing and fast. I truly recommend Henderson Ford. Robert M.
 Very happy with my visit. Got me in and out with great service! Will be bringing my '17 Focus RS in for all services here. Emma T.
  Great customer service they take care of you while you're there and they check in afterwards. Natasha R.
 Great customer service, they take care of you while you're there and they check in afterwards. Frederick K.
Just Leased a brand new Taurus from Henderson Ford! My experience there was awesome! Traded in a vehicle where I had quite a bit of negative equity and they got me a lower monthly payment. Very happy. Regous S.
  The Service Department at Henderson Ford is always fast, efficient and friendly. The work is always well done and staff are accommodating of budgets which makes choosing to do repairs or maintenance easy. Maria R.
 I was very happy with my experience dealing with Henderson Ford. I worked with Jason Male, Business Development Director and Mike Spencer, Sales Associate who were very helpful, friendly, and professional throughout the process. We had a little bumpy start earlier on when I first starting looking for my new SUV, but Jason stayed in contact with me throughout my on-again, off-again search. I am very pleased to have been able to lease my new 2017 Ford Escape with Henderson Ford. Everyone there seemed to be very friendly. There is another Ford dealership that is a few miles from my home at which we have leased cars from in the past. This time they were not very helpful or professional which is the reason that I looked to another dealership being Henderson Ford about 20 miles from my home. I plan on getting my new SUV serviced there as well. I recommend Henderson Ford for your new vehicles. I hope that I have the same excellent experience with their service department, but that will not occur until I hit the 5,000 mile mark. Joseph S.
 Had a great experience at Henderson Ford. Would recommend them to family and friends. Salesperson Thomas was down to earth and answered all our questions. Barbara R.
Great service, fair prices, good folks to do business with. Dan D.
Just picked up my new F150 from Mike Spencer and he was awesome to work with! Made the buying process very fun and easy! Thanks for everyone's help at Henderson Ford you guys are awesome!!  Mike M.
I bought my car from Henderson Ford in 2009. I have always had my service performed there. Fast service, nice people. Sandy C.
What an outstanding experience! Customer service is second to none. I've never felt so comfortable about purchasing a car let alone two. Jennifer and Trenton was so helpful that they have customers for life. Give them an opportunity to earn the business you will not be disappointed!!! Thank you Henderson Ford. Timothy L
 Henderson Ford has a great staff. We take full advantage of Quick Lane. Brian and his team are both friendly, and truly concerned for the safety of our vehicles. I recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Henderson Ford, and Rod helped me with an extended warranty through Ford, and I could not be more pleased with the comradery throughout the dealership! Maat R. 
 I just purchased a brand new Ford Edge and cannot say enough about the wonderfully positive experience I had with this dealership. Thomas (my salesman) went above and beyond to answer all my questions and help me decide on the best car to fit my needs. Jessica helped to close the deal by the end of the day! Kellie helped me do some research via email prior to me actually coming to the dealership. I never felt pressured and I LOVE MY NEW CAR. I would recommend these guys to anyone and thank you for such a positive experience. Roxane B.

 Excellent. Phil Farley makes the process easy & gets you the best deal. Reg H.
 My Explorer runs perfectly. Henderson is a great place for your next vehicle and service. Tony D.
 Salesman was very efficient. They did not keep me waiting around. Robert B.
 Great and timely service!  Greg J
 It was great! Professional and concerned for the customer. Love my Escape! Dan B
 The service was great. It didn't take long.  Keisha G.
 Absolutely great service by a courteous and friendly staff. The Henderson Ford Service I've received has always been dependable and I have never had problem. I have a Ford Service much closer to my home but I prefer to drive farther to have my car serviced at Henderson For!   Oscar N.
 I had the best experience with Rod, my salesperson and his mom Aki and the Quick Lane crew Mike and Brian. Henderson Ford went out of their way too help me out and solve my problem. Kathleen K. 
 I just purchased a brand new Ford Edge and cannot say enough about the wonderfully positive experience I had with this dealership. Thomas (my salesman) went above and beyond to answer all my questions and help me decide on the best car to fit my needs. Jessica helped to close the deal by the end of the day! Kellie helped me do some research via email prior to me actually coming to the dealership. I never felt pressured and I LOVE MY NEW CAR. I would recommend these guys to anyone and thank you for such a positive experience.  Roxanne B. 
 Absolutely satisfied with the car buying process. Staff were friendly, helpful and patient. Definitely would recommend Henderson Ford.  Jan R. 
 There's no need to improve as long as everyone works the way Tracy did. This guy was awesome when it came to great customer service, great care, no matter how long it took he made sure that we knew he was still working on it and everything, although it took a long time, everything worked out perfectly. This guy is great for Henderson Ford! I'm so glad I bought ALL my cars from Tracy & Henderson Ford! He's an absolute professional with GREAT customer care. He's thorough respectable and easy to talk to Thank you, Mr. McGee
Thank you for everyone's help in helping me get a vehicle for my husband to have. After having the worse luck of buying a car from a private seller to find out it is not safe to drive, it made me very stressed out. Thank you Mike, Aki, Trent and everyone else who helped get me a lease on an Escape for my husband. It is truly a blessing to work with all you lovely people and my husband loves the Escape. Kellie B.
 Greatest experience, family oriented just a friendly place to buy a car. Cory Q.
 My Experience was amazing they were very Pleasant and I went home with my new truck the same day Gabe my payments right in my budget. E. Sanders
Everyone at Henderson Ford has been extremely helpful. They always take time to answer any questions I have. The Service Writer, Steve, is awesome! He always makes sure that I'm never left stranded while my car is worked on so I'm able to take care of my daily obligations. He even took the time to talk to my father on the phone and go over every detail thoroughly. After all, daddys' worry about their baby girls! So my father was very pleased with him and felt fully aware of what needed to be done to my car. So shout out to all of you at Henderson Ford! Kate C.
 I purchased the 2014 Mustang from Henderson and have had the do all the service from the start.  Last fall i purchased 4 new tires.  Their service has always been excellent. The other thing that i like is they are involved in the community.  A good reason to support them as a local business. Great job!  Mel Y.
Always a pleasure doing business here, always treated with respect & they explain everything in detail so you can understand it at any level of expertise. Best dealership experience I've had. Love my 2013 F-250! Thanks Guys/Gals! Keep up the Good Work Wayne E.
 The service is always great! I have four cars that I service at Henderson. Fred
 I have three 2012 focuses, one for each of my children and at some point every automobile needs attention. Because my children are spread throughout Upstate New York, we have been to 4 different Ford dealerships for those repairs. But because the Henderson dealership was so exceptional, we refuse to go to any other location. In fact, I towed my daughter's focus across 3 towns to get to The Henderson garage. The professionalism, courtesy, communication, timeliness and integrity has been such an experience that we are now lifers. Thanks for your high standards as well as someone that still puts the customer first."Henderson for life!"..Kevin W.
 I LOVE MY NEW WHEELS! Many thanks to Thomas Smith for being the first of many car salespeople I've dealt with over the years to make my purchasing experience virtually stress free and actually fun.  Debra G.
"Great Customer Service from the greeter, to the service underwriter (Steve), and the mechanics.  I routinely maintain my F-350 at Henderson Ford and have always received top-notch customer and technical service." -Ray K
The customer service was the best I have ever had. -BK
 "From the first time I met Mr. Smith he was very helpful and worked with me to help me get the car I wanted. I was always treated courteously and have recommended him to a friend who will be looking for a new car shortly."-James H
"Great job by Anthony to get the vehicle my wife and I wanted and stay within our budget. He also went above and beyond to retrieve an item we left in our trade-in vehicle. I will only buy or lease Fords through Henderson."-Rich T.

"I had a small repair done and then had the car serviced . Everything was very timely - Everyone was extremely courteous and helpful! Love that I can drive right in and someone is Johnny -on- the -spot to help the customer! Thank you Al and Bryan! Would and have recommended to friends and family. A refreshing change from any place I have ever had my car serviced/repaired." 

- Janna W
I bought a F150. So far, so good. Love the vehicle. Hope to put 281,000+ miles on it, as I did my last F-150. I had a positive experience with Henderson Ford, in large part because my salesman, Jack, was excellent. - Jonathan K. 
Henderson service department has been great since my first experience - Oscar N 
My Mom brought my car in for me and the Service Dept. was excellent as usual. Recall work was performed, oil change and tires rotated, etc. and they checked out the suspension system which will hopefully get my Dad to lay off about my perfect little Fiesta. THANKS! - Maria V 
Your team services my 2010 F250 diesel truck and have been doing a great job, thank you.- Marc S

Exceeded my expectations on time to complete. well done. - Steven R 
I was 100% impressed with Renard. I study customer service, read books on it, deeply value the experience of the individual. I can see that Renard values this deeply as well. He was honest, responded in the appropriate time and was very professional. - Chris F 
I purchased a 2016 Ford Edge Sport. This is my second purchase from Henderson Ford. As with my first purchase, the service was great and the staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. I would not think of going anywhere else for my vehicles or maintenance on my vehicles. - Brenda PS 
I needed oil change and NYSI ... done sooner than expected ... manager had car brought close to waiting room door as he noticed handicapped parking permit and fact that I had trouble walking.  Excellent experience- Elizabeth S 

I honestly will not have my BABY - Mustang worked on by any other place have Always has good service and friendly and polite people I have dealt with. Promised at or before time told. The phone call to tell me she was done was a benefit....seeing I was shopping. Thank you for your service and dedication to detail.

 - Debbie C
I purchased a 2013 Town and Country. I absolutely love every feature of the van. My sales person Will Page was awesome to helping me find a vehicle to fit my family needs. I would definitely refer a friend or family member. All the staff there were very friendly and it was a positive atmosphere.-Stephanie B. 
The service on my vehicle was excellent due to the competent, knowledgeable and courteous staff. Having dealt with several dealerships and service departments, I can truly say that the Henderson team are among my top experiences.-Melvin P. 
I need my vehicle inspected and every auto shop was either closed or too busy. Henderson Ford was very friendly and able to help me in a jam. They also were very friendly to my wife and kid. I'll be back.-Sam Y. 
Henderson Ford continues to be an excellent dealership.The work done on our vehicles is always done right and the service advisers and staff give an honest assessment of what needs to be done with a vehicle. When I'm in Rochester and need service it is the first dealership I will call even though there are other Ford and Lincoln dealers closer to our residence.-Kevin C. 
Henderson Ford is the best. You helped me buy my car. The best experience. I have the most confidence in you and your staff. Knowledge and honesty are traits I count on whenever I enter Henderson Ford for service and answers to my questions. I always refer my friends and clients to you - Toni C. 
I was very impressed with everyone I interacted with at Henderson Ford. My salesman and everyone at the dealership went out of their way to satisfy my requests...- Frederick M. 
Polite staff. Always quality service. Provides clear explanation of service...- Catherine F.  
They made the car buying experience enjoyable...- Lowell T.  
Quick Lane...Did a great job...- Floyd S. 
Sales...Completely satisfied. Salesman was very nice. Everyone was courteous - Norma S. 
Sales...Salesman, Patrick was very good. He explained things in detail. Took time with me to make decisions. I would recommend him to any interested buyer. - Jim B
Service...We liked Henderson so much that we went back and bought another new Ford car from them this past spring. Though it's a 45 minute drive from's always worth the trip! - Lisa A.  
Phil Farley was awesome. My transaction wasn't the typical deal because I live on Long Island and this was all done remotely, but Phil did a great job, as did the accounting folks. I'm very impressed and happy with the purchase. Thanks!  Christine M
Met Aki briefly at the event on Saturday at the Bayview YMCA. As a volunteer, I help coordinate the IIY campaign along with Christina Mancini and the great staff at the Bayview YMCA. I just wanted to thank you for your time and support and of course your donation to our campaign. The donation will be well used and the local support and the partnership with Henderson Ford is much appreciated. We truly value our local partners that support the Y and hope to build on our relationship moving forward. P.S. I drove the Explorer and may be in the market for a new SUV (Explorer or Expedition size) next Spring - so keep in touch. - Kevin C.  
Randy, I wanted to send you this email directly, so that you could ready what I have to say about your dealership. As a director, I know how good it feels when one of my associates gets praised by a customer for a good job, and as you know it is usually the complainers that make all the comments and very rarely do people take the time to praise. I just purchased my second vehicle from your dealership and Renard Cuyler. I can honestly state that it will not be my last. Renard has done everything he said he would do and then some and his customer service has been outstanding. I understand that Renard has just been promoted and I would like to personally commend you for that decision. My one and only suggestion would be that he gets to stand up front during your team's photos and commercials so that he is seen-haha! - Paul J.  
I am a three time buyer at your dealership, twice in the last month and a half. Tracy Thompson has been my salesman and will continue to be, along with Mark Ostrander on a 2012 F150 and Trent on a 2013 Escape. I have had some very bad experiences buying vehicles in the past but must let you know it is an absolute pleasure doing business at your facility. I have never felt that at any point was I taken advantage of by any of your staff. So again, I will be a customer of yours for some time along with my wife who I got to come to you after being a two time buyer from Fuccillo Kia, who by the way doesn't come close to your professionalism. Again, Thank you Mark, Trent and especially Tracy Thompson.- Daniel F.  
Shelby is a wonderful customer service rep. She is always friendly and she listens well to one's concerns. Everyone at Henderson is nice to deal with. I have recommended Henderson to friends and family alike. They have my business now and for the foreseeable future. - Bruce W
The main reason I have my car serviced there is HONESTY, TRUSTWORTHY and FRIENDLY. - James F
My wife and I were very pleased with our salesman Brian Henderson. He was very knowledgeable and took time with us to find the vehicle for us and show how the vehicle worked. Henderson Ford is the number one dealer in our book - Calvin C

Salespeople greeted me and introduced themselves. I wasn't even working with them. When I left they all congratulated me. It was the best vehicle shopping experience I have ever had. Great job. - Jean D. 
Henderson Ford is an outstanding dealership. Very helpful, courteous, knowledgeable about their vehicles and also their maintenance department does work on a timely schedule. They have you in and out without any problems. I've leased and purchased vehicles from this dealership since the late 1990's. They're outstanding. - John L
The Henderson service facility is outstanding. They are honest, professional and do quality work at a reasonable rate which is not the case with some of the other Ford dealerships in the Rochester area. - Kevin C
My salesperson was excellent at finding a vehicle that I fell in love with! He was a no hassle, no pressure, honest (which was refreshing) and I'd recommend his expertise to my friends and family in the future. - Erin M.  
Just want to thank all of you, especially Aki, Renard, the young man that cleaned the car and the gentleman in the title department for your excellent customer service last night. I know all of you stayed after hours and were nothing but patient and courteous while our transaction had to be altered. I know it was a "pain in the butt" to change the paperwork, but we are both so thrilled with our new car. We have been car shopping for two weeks now, here locally at 5 different dealers and your dealership and staff was worth the driving by them.I wish you all well and thanks just doesn't seem like enough to say, but thank you all so much! 
Thank you for your kind note! Hopefully, we could meet in person sometime in the near future. My fraternity brother, Joe Anderson connected me to your dealership. I loved my experience, the people and the level of professionalism at your dealership. I look forward to a lasting relationship with Henderson Ford Family! -Xavier B.  
Just wanted to say 'THANK YOU' to the Henderson family in Webster for their diligence, consistency and courtesy, before during and after my purchase. A particular thank you to Brian for making the experience memorable. May God bless you all. -Lorna N
Nice people, nice salesperson, clean showroom, fine car. If one must go through the unpleasant experience of buying or leasing a vehicle, (and it is unpleasant to most people), then Henderson is a good place to do it. - Robert T
My sales person was wonderful!!! - Kimberly F
Renard was a pleasure to deal with. Buying experience was simple and felt comfortable. Thanks. - Kevin G
I drive this car. This is the first Ford vehicle I've ever owned. My mom is a GM retiree and always got a discount from GM. This dealership is the best I've ever dealt with from beginning to end. I will most definitely use Henderson again and have recommended them to others. - Daniel B
Everything about my sales experience at Henderson Ford was outstanding. Our sales representative, Tracy Thompson, did a terrific job in every way. He was helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. All of the other people we worked with at Henderson Ford shared those same characteristics. I've purchased a number of cars from a number of dealers over the years and can say without hesitation that this has been, by far, my best experience. I've been particularly impressed with the level of follow-up messages I've received from Henderson Ford and Ford itself since leasing my new car. I will absolutely recommend Henderson Ford. - Bradley R
Mr. Henderson, This is my first new car. I have purchased slightly used as well as very used vehicles before. I have done this both at dealerships and through private sales. Unfortunately, the first vehicle happened to have a defect in it, so I ended up buying a different one. It was the dedication to customer service, though, that brought the purchase through. I was not dissatisfied with my former dealership. I have owned a Dodge Caravan for 18 years, and it was time to switch to a more economical vehicle. I was just checking things out as a follow up reference from a friend. I was impressed with the car and the sales staff helped me work through my questions to lead me to a decision to buy. Then when the first car ended up have a problem in the steering column, everyone scrambled to see what was going on and then my salesperson, Rueben, made sure to keep things moving as I had a very important meeting to get to. My follow up questions were all answered and I love this new car! I just wanted to send this letter to make sure that you know I was completely satisfied and I look forward to working with the service staff to keep my new car running like new for as long as possible. Thank you for building a company where service is a priority. - Jacquelyn M
I shopped around for Ford dealers closer to my home and/or business in zip codes 14612 and 14607. Henderson Ford was practically outside of my shopping comfort area. I was able to literally acquire this vehicle via telephone. Thanks to Engels Gualdani, the sales person. Once inside the dealership I received a very warm welcome from other members of Henderson Ford. Thanks. - Israel M.  
Great Experience from sales to delivery!. - Peter N






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