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A Comfortable Way to Browse

Shopping for a new car, truck, or SUV is always a lot of fun, but it can also be incredibly convenient! It doesn't have to involve a lot of travel or time invested outside of the home and away from people you love. Imagine being able to shop for models like the Ford F-150, Ranger, Escape, Explorer, and EcoSport, all without having to leave your home and take time away from your family.  It has happened before thanks to new online shopping features at Henderson Ford.

All Your Tools in One Place

Our new Ford dealership near Rochester, NY has a host of online tools to simplify your auto shopping adventure. We'll give you just a few of these tools to let you know how they can help. For example, one of the first things you might wonder is what your monthly payment will be. For this, you can use our payment estimator.

  • Pick out the vehicle model and trim you want to buy
  • Click on our payment estimator
  • Select down payment and payment terms
  • Get your monthly payment!

Our trade-in tool is another handy tool you can use while you're shopping. Many people want to use their current vehicle to trade-in and put toward the purchase of a new or used vehicle. That's a great idea! We pay top dollar for trade-ins, and that saves you money on your vehicle purchase at our Ford dealership near Penfield. Our calculator will ask for your year, make, model, and trim, and then it will ask for the condition of your vehicle. From that, we give you an instant estimate of what your trade-in might be worth. This helps our customers decide if they are willing to accept the price of their trade-in or if they'd rather keep it.

Credit Apps Help, Too

We have several different types of credit applications that will help you determine your credit rating, and whether or not you can afford the vehicle you want to buy. Most of the time, our credit apps give you nothing but great news. No matter what your credit history, we've helped thousands of people near Irondequoit buy the model of their dreams from us, all with no hassle or stress. Inputting your information only takes a few moments of your time and then gives you a great overview of your credit situation and how it pertains to your buying power with us. Discover what you can afford and let our finance team make the deal happen.

People generally need to have a minimum credit rating to qualify for an auto loan, but when you're working with a dealership that partners with many lenders, you increase your chances of getting a good interest rate on an auto loan. For example, you might be short on the down payment and need to finance that amount as well. If you have an excellent credit rating, our credit apps will give you good news. These apps also help you figure out ways to budget and save money so that you can afford more of the car you want.

Learn More Today at Henderson Ford

You are always free to explore our many online shopping tools. They're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. You never have to talk to anyone to use these calculators and applications. Just hop online, visit our website, and get started on your journey to buying a vehicle from us. We have all the tools you need to have a pleasant, adventurous shopping experience with no strings attached! Get in touch with Henderson Ford today or visit us near Fairport, NY if you have any questions.